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Have a question? Start here first!

Wait...who are you?

We are Waffleology! A food truck (aka a Gourmet Restaurant on wheels). We make and sell delicious Donut Waffle Infusions (Douffles) and Garlic Bread Waffle Infusions. Like our S'more or our Midnight Snack, we love coming up with different combinations/ideas. Check out our Instagram to see some of our wacky creations. @Waffleologyofficial


What year is the trailer? And did you renovate it?

Our trailer is a 1961 Vintage Jet Camp Trailer that's been renovated into a food truck. It took about two years to completely renovate the trailer. We basically built the trailer from the ground up and everything about this trailer has been designed for making and selling waffles.


Why does your menu change? 

Our menu changes based on the location/event we're at. Doing the same waffle over and over again is boring! So we like to change things up and have different donut waffles on our menu. Sometimes we even have a few seasonal donut waffles added to the mix. Follow us and see what we'll have~!


How do I contact you?

You can contact us here on our website or through our Facebook and Instagram (@waffleologyofficial)


How long have you been in business? 

August 2022 was when we officially debuted our food truck and we've been going ever since. Andrea Baughman (Head Chef and CEO) had a baking business for about eight years before switching to donut waffles and now we're cruising down the road. We hope you'll stick around for the ride. 

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