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A New Take On an Old Classic

Cake meets Cookie meets Pie in these classic treats! Whoopie Pies are staple in Europe and Maine. We decided to do a twist on the old classic and make...Waffle Whoopie Pies~!



Where did Whoopie Pies Come From?

Whoopie Pies are cake-like cookies that originated in Pennsylvania Dutch Country by the Amish Community. 

According to most legends, the wives would make these treats and put them in their husbands' lunchboxes. Upon opening the lunchbox, the husbands would shout "Whoopie!". Hence the name Whoopie Pie.

Most use a butter-based cookie recipe but we prefer to use the Amish method, which we find makes for a more cake-like and softer cookie.

What's A Whoopie Pie?

What do they taste like?

Whoopie Pies are cookies with a cake-like texture and are usually filled with buttercream or marshmallow fluff. They are very tasty with a rich chocolate cookie and a sweet buttercream filling and are a perfect mid-day or teatime snack. They even make for a great gift! 

Ready to Order?

Our Wafflelins will be a staples on our Food Truck and are now available to order

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