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We've Rebranded

Hello Waffle Family! Due to us rebranding, this website will be offline on the 30th of September. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Please see our new website for further information. Thank you!

Delicious Donut - Waffles like no other!

We make our Douffles (Donut Waffles) and Cravers with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and a lot of love. From plate to mouth we want every bite to make you smile and bring you happiness. 

What's are Douffles and Cravers?

A Douffle is a Donut - Waffle Fusion! Light and fluffly like a donut but with the rich taste of a waffle.

A Craver is a Garlic Bread - Waffle Fusion! Light, fluffy, and soft with plenty of garlic flavor.

Quality Ingredients

We use high-quality ingredients in our both our Douffles and Cravers

 A Taste You Can't Beat

Our Douffles and Cravers are a taste you can't find anywhere else! The soft and fluffliness of a waffle combined with the sweet (or savory) taste of a donut cannot be beat!

Made With Care

Every Douffle we glaze and Craver we smother is important to us and we do our best to serve every customer rightly and fairly.

All This in One Vintage Food Trailer

Hungry for waffles? Find us around Treasure Valley, Idaho! We would love to serve you one of our donut - waffle fusions and make your day that much brighter!

Our Hosting

We strive to create a great hosting experience for everyone and for every event! Check out what can we do!

Contact Us

Have a question, event, or just need to talk? Contact us

Who Are We?

I'm glad you asked! We are a Mother-Daughter team running a small but mighty business. 

We operate out of a 1961 Jet Camp Trailer which we call Blossom.

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